Engine Repair in Lawrenceville, GA

Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly--Integrity Automotive

Integrity Automotive of Lawrenceville, GA provides professional automotive engine repair and maintenance services. Engine trouble isn’t easy to diagnose or repair. The more advanced and complex engines become the more they rely on an onboard diagnostic computer to regulate everything from airflow, fuel delivery, and emissions. Because of this they are harder to diagnose. So what’s the bright side of more complex engines? These advancements have increased fuel efficiency and extended maintenance intervals; therefore, allowing them to perform more efficiently. Let Integrity help retain your vehicle’s resale value and performance with routine automotive engine repair and maintenance. Call (770) 277-9131 or stop by 650 Old Norcross Rd Ste B for expert automotive engine repair and maintenance service.

Engine Service and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and care is essential to keep your engine happy and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Your engine is the heart of your car it not only powers and propels your vehicle down the road, up hills, and around town but also controls your transmission, braking system, belts, and more. To keep your engine running in top condition regular oil change service and maintenance are necessary. Routine maintenance including replacing filters, spark plugs belts, and fluids will also extend and protect your engines overall performance. Pay attention to how your car is running and how it sounds is also crucial. Being proactive and catching problems early will help prevent unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. Our team of ASE Certified Techs has extensive training and knowledge to provide you with the best automotive engine repair and maintenance service in the area.

Common Warning signs you Need Engine Repair

Being proactive and catching problems early is only half the battle and some problems won’t have warning signals. Here are a few things to be on the look out for. The earliest warning sign of engine trouble is a lack of power. If you notice your vehicle lagging when pressing the gas pedal you need to have it looked at. This could indicate, among other things, low oil pressure, a blockage, or coolant leak. Another sign is hearing a clunking or knocking noise within your engine. This could signify a problem with your air-fuel mixture, a damaged piston, or worse. If you notice excessive exhaust smoke, the color of the smoke can help identify the problem. Blue smoke can mean an oil leak is present. Too much gasoline being burned will cause black smoke. White smoke signifies a possible coolant leak. Excessive exhaust smoke requires repair don’t delay having your car looked at. If you are experiencing and of the above engine trouble bring your vehicle to the experts at Integrity. Ignoring these warning signs or your check engine light can cause extensive and expensive damage to your engine.

Why Choose Integrity Automotive?

Our expert technicians will inspect your vehicle and perform a complete diagnostic scan to pinpoint the problem quickly and accurately. Using dealership quality tools and diagnostic equipment, our techs have everything they need to get your vehicle safely back on the road. For dependable and trustworthy automotive engine repair bring your vehicle to Integrity Automotive. Additionally, our team is always happy to go over everything and answer any questions you may have about your service as well as give helpful advise on how to keep your car running at peak performance. Customer satisfaction is important and we want our customers to not only be confident in their decision but also in the quality auto repairs our shop provides. Our automotive engine repair specialist will give your car the attention it deserves. Call (770) 277-9131 or schedule your appointment online today.