3 of the Most Expensive Auto Repairs (And How to Avoid Them)

Auto repair can be a cheap & quick fix, or it could be time-consuming & expensive! I don’t think anyone likes spending copious amounts on something because it’s broken, so we are going to talk about 3 of the most expensive auto repairs and what you can do to avoid the problems that cause them

Transmission Types & How They Work

Since the advent of the automobile, transmission technology has evolved from a single, manually operated unit to highly complex, electronically controlled marvels. In today’s blog entry we’re going to discuss the four types of transmissions found in today’s vehicles. Manual Transmission The manual transmission (aka stick shift, standard, or just manual) is the eldest of

Spring Car Care Tips

Spring has sprung! Is your car ready? After a long winter, you’re probably ready to get out of the house for some spring sunshine! For many Lawrenceville drivers, this means hitting the road – whether you’re taking a family vacation to Hilton Head, sightseeing in Savannah, spending the day on Lake Lanier or just taking